Bubble Sword 53 cm and 77 cm
Fun, Trend
+ 6 years
Trade mark/origin:
Made in Taiwan
Available since:
first introduction in Nuremberg February 2004
230 ml bottle of Bubble Fluid is included
How it works:
Turn open the Bubble Sword and draw it out from the sheath. Fill in the special Bubble Fluid into the sheath. Dip in the sword and draw it out from the sheath. Press the opening switch immediately and the bubble triangle opens. Wave the open Bubble Sword lightly through the air and you can make incredible large bubbles.
Playing value:
Innovative plastic toy. The Bubble Sword in attractive design creates a dreamland of bubbles. The size, attraction and stability of the bubbles are incredible. An ideal toy for events and show demonstrations.
Small model, 1 clearing unit = 48 pieces
Big model, 1 clearing unit = 24 pieces
Each one Bubble Sword and 1 Bottle fluid on blister card.
Estimated end price:
about € 12,90 in shops
Wholesalers, mail order companies, toy retailers in Europe